About S&H Tyres

S&H Tyres was founded in 2002 by Siem Klapwijk and Henk van Dijk.  The company has expanded rapidly due its wide-ranging experience and extensive international network. Today S&H Tyres has developed into a company with several foreign branches and a workforce that is still increasing. S&H Tyres currently employs more than 30 staff.  

The head office and central warehouse have been situated in Moerdijk since 2012. Both the office and the warehouse offer ample space for future growth. The warehouse is highly efficient because of its modern storage with built-in floors and conveyor belts.
This allows S&H Tyres to deliver quickly in every manner required; small-scale delivery via parcel services, pallet shipping, trucking to inland Europe, or container shipping to different continents: it can all be arranged from this logistics centre.

A family business with social commitment
S&H Tyres likes to consider itself a family business, where loyalty to customers and suppliers is still of paramount importance. S&H Tyres is aware of its responsibility and realises that health and happiness are not always self-evident. This is why S&H Tyres donates a significant proportion of its profits to various charities every year. The amount set aside is divided among staff for donation to the charities of their choice.
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